Network management refers to the activities, methods, procedures, and tools that pertain to the operation, administration, maintenance, and provisioning of networked systems.[1]
Operation deals with keeping the network (and the services that the network provides) up and running smoothly. It includes monitoring the network to spot problems as soon as possible, ideally before users are affected.
Administration deals with keeping track of resources in the network and how they are assigned. It includes all the “housekeeping” that is necessary to keep the network under control.
Maintenance is concerned with performing repairs and upgradesā€”for example, when equipment must be replaced, when a router needs a patch for an operating system image, when a new switch is added to a network. Maintenance also involves corrective and preventive measures to make the managed network run “better”, such as adjusting device configuration parameters.
Provisioning is concerned with configuring resources in the network to support a given service. For example, this might include setting up the network so that a new customer can receive voice service.
With this in mind Intergrated It Solutions. Sets up, configures and maintains it’s clients Network infrastructure. Weather it be disable user accounts or clean up a users Pc. all aspects of the network is covered. We have a software package that is customizable to monitor our clients systems and automaticly e-mail the helpdesk when there is an issue. weather it be a server crash or a server just exceded the threshold set on diskspace.

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